Sparco Black R333 Street Tuner Seat


Sparco R333 Reclining Sports Seat is base mountable and compatible with 3- or 4- point harnesses. It features a double adjustment and reclining lever. This is the latest in the Sparco line up of reclining seats for the tuning market. The Sparco R333 Seat provides the perfect combination between comfort and design which is bang up to date. The seat features a quality finish with the highest standards of upholstery for an excellent feel and durability. The seat R333 contains deep bolster support, ideal for fast road or trackdays and includes a 2 way tilt/recline mechanism for optimum driving positioning and can be used with standard seat belt or racing harnesses. The Sparco R333 Reclining Sports Seat has a Tubular frame design.


  • Double Adjustment.
  • Reclining Lever.
  • Quality Finish.
  • Accepts 3- or 4-point harnesses.
  • Deep Bolster Support.
  • 2 way Tilt/Recline Mechanism.
  • Tubular Frame.

Note: Pricing is per seat.