Stance Aluminum Subframe Collar Set Nissan 240SX 95-98

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Stance Aluminum Subframe Collar Set Nissan 240SX 95-98 

Stance Suspension is committed to improving handling dynamics of each vehicle they produce parts for. A well tuned suspension system and chassis is an integral component to an exhilarating driving experience, whether it be on the street or the racetrack. Stance analyzes the entire vehicle’s dynamics and tunes each component accordingly, from their complete coil over sets down to aluminum bushings. Stance realizes that a suspension system’s components must work together in harmony. A suspension system is only as good as its weakest link, therefore Stance tunes each part to maximize the chassis and handling dynamics.

A vehicle uses hundreds of bushings throughout its construction to compensate for movement, smooth operation, and improve ride quality. Over the years rubber components on a vehicle deteriorate, especially ones that are weight bearing or are subjected to torsion forces and flexing. Suspension feel is lost when road impurities are compensated by the sub frame instead of the dampers. If the OEM rubber sub frame bushings are still in good condition, these anodized aluminum sub frame spacers are an excellent addition. These spacers reduce excess movement in the sub frame that the OEM rubber bushings cannot account for. This results in a tighter sub frame, offering the driver with ultimate control of the car. The upper spacers are slotted therefore the sub frame does not need to be removed for installation convenience.


  • Tightens handling
  • Gives vehicle more precise feel
  • Improves driver feedback
  • Ease of installation
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